George and Sarah Suttor, a biography
by Margaret Winmill

On my idea of leaving England I was also pleased with the thought that I might be the huble means … of conveying to this distant British country the vine, the fig, the olive, etc …

George Suttor, Horticulturalist 1776-1859


“This book tells the story of George Suttor, and his wife Sarah, and their journey to Australia bringing plants to New South Wales in 1800 for Sir Joseph Banks. It follows their life in the new colony: initially in Sydney, involvement in the rum rebellion, crossing the Blue Mountains and settling in Bathurst, and their later journey around Europe in 1839 to study methods of grape growing and wine making.

“The book includes references to particular friends and associates including George Caley, Allan Cunningham, John Lewin, Colonel William Paterson and Captain John Piper.

“The book’s 323 pages includes 54 illustrations (colour and black and white), a bibliography, family trees, plant lists, letters, table of contents, and an index.” Source:


The author, Margaret Winmill is the great-great-great-granddaughter of George and Sarah Suttor. Margaret acknowledges that the backbone of this work is taken from George Suttor’s own words written in his memoir, “The Memoirs of George Suttor FLS Banksian Collector 1774-1859”, which was edited by George Mackaness in his 1948 Australian Monograph. Margaret also acknowledges the inspiration and encouragement that she received from her family and friends who painstakingly transcribed papers and letters.

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