The Allan Cunningham Project Team is made up of

  • Diane Challenor Editor, Historian, Researcher, Webmaster and Web Designer
  • John Challenor Photographer, Researcher and editorial contributor
  • Ellie Challenor, Assistant Webmaster

The Allan Cunningham Project is dedicated to the history of Allan Cunningham Botanist Explorer 1791-1839.  The Project commenced around 2005 and is ongoing with new information added often, website enhancements made, new articles written and Time Line Journal entries added and refined.

Luckily our website is archived by TROVE – Pandora on behalf of the National Library of Australia.  After years of research it is good to know that our work will not be lost.

Our website uses the wonderful technology from WordPress and Rough Pixels theme STORYTIME. We are very grateful for their templates and support systems.

We are also very grateful to Wikipedia, Australian Dictionary of Biography, Project Gutenberg Australia and Google Earth for their links giving a depth of information about people and places.

CONTACT US If you would like to contribute to The Allan Cunningham Project, you are very welcome.  Contact us, give us a bit of feed back about your visit to our website and point us in the direction of more information that will enhance our collection of items related to Mr Cunningham’s life.

The Allan Cunningham Project includes the following:

    A series of articles recording a journey gaining knowledge of the botanist explorer, Allan Cunningham.
    We’ve pieced together a journal which includes extracts from Allan Cunningham’s original journal and other related historical facts from several sources
    Our library contains several books, manuscripts and magazines written by and about Allan Cunningham. Our Library includes the following:
  • THE BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF ALLAN CUNNINGHAM BY ROBERT HEWARD FLS, Published in 1842 by his friend and fellow botanist Robert Heward and Transcribed & Converted to Web Enhanced Text by J & D Challenor 2007
  • EARLY EXPLORERS IN AUSTRALIA BY IDA LEE FRGS and Hon FRAHS, Published by Methuen & Co Ltd of London 1925, transcribed to eText by Project Gutenberg Australia 2003
    Converted to Web-Enhanced-Text by J & D Challenor 2009
  • Allan Cunningham’s Journal of a Route from Bathurst to Liverpool Plains in NSW 1823 by Allan Cunningham extracted from Barron Field’s Geographical Memoirs of New South Wales
  • Allan Cunningham’s A Late Tour of A Cunningham Esq (describing his journey to the Darling Downs in 1827), transcribed to eText by Project Gutenberg Australia, Converted to Web Enhanced Text by J & D Challenor.

Come with us on this journey, let’s find out what Allan Cunningham achieved and why he dedicated his life to science?