Phillip Parker King arrives in the colony

3rd September 1817

On this day, 3rd September 1817, a few days prior to Allan Cunningham arriving back from his journey up the Lachlan River, Lieutenant Phillip Parker King RN, son of the former Governor of NSW, Philip Gidley King, arrived in Port Jackson aboard the “Dick”. He was accompanied by his wife Harriet and two midshipmen, John Septimus Roe and Frederick Bedwell.

Allan Cunningham would soon join this group whose goal was to map the coast of Australia. Together, over a period of four years, they would experience the pristine Australian landscape, endure many deprivations, face up to aboriginal attacks, Malay boarding parties and through Phillip Parker King’s maritime genius and humanity, survive to produce accurate maps and add an enormous amount of detailed information regarding the inhabitants, nature, dangers and wonders of Australia.

The Dick was captained by William Harrison and carried a Division of the 48th Regiment commanded by Major Cimitier. ((Source:: The Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie Archive))