Mr Cunningham’s servant recovers their stolen horse

3rd April 1827

On this day, 3rd April 1827, one of Allan Cunningham’s servants noticed their Government horse was missing. An article appeared in The Australian describing the arrest of the thieves.

The Sydney Gazette reported: Mr Cunningham’s servant had gone to the paddock where the two horses were kept and found one was missing. He mounted the horse that remained and followed the trail of the thieves. He caught up with them but did not approach them as they were armed. He tried to get assistance to help in apprehending them eventually the thieves were arrested. ((Source: The Sydney Gazette on 6th April 1827 Page 2))

The Australian reported: Three runaway prisoners of the Crown were brought into Sydney, on Tuesday last under an escort of the mounted police, upon a charge of horse stealing. Early that morning, a horse, the property of Government, was missed, by a servant of Mr. Cunningham, botanist at Liverpool, (in whose possession it was) from a paddock near the house. The animal was traced for some miles, and was at length overtaken near the Brisbane distillery, coming into Sydney. Two of the prisoners were on the animal and the third walking along side. His person, on being searched a large pistol, with a quantity of powder and shot was found about him. ‘The saddle and bridle upon the animal, forms part of another robbery. Mr. Simeon Lord has sworn to them, being his property. The prisoner confessed to both robberies, acquitting his companions of any participation therein ; but in accounting for his possession of the pistol, said he found it. ((Source:: The Australian Saturday 7 April 1827 Page 2))