Aboard the “Norfolk” headed for Australia

30th October 1836

On this day, 30th October 1836, Allan Cunningham departed England on the “Norfolk” to take up the position of Colonial Botanist in Sydney.

Why he decided to return to Australia is unclear, he was not a well man. If he stayed in England he could look forward to a very comfortable life. He was well known and often sought out to share his knowledge. Was it because he wanted to investigate the death of his brother Richard who a year or so earlier had been killed in the Australian Bush? We will never know. Possibly the answer are in his letters waiting for someone to find them and solve the puzzle. ((McMinn, Winston Gregory. Allan Cunningham, botanist and explorer. Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1970. Print. Pages 108 and 109))

A note from The Allan Cunningham Project’s Team;

When Mr McMinn wrote his biography of Allan Cunningham his access to transcripts of Allan Cunningham’s Letters was very limited, now, thank to AE & TA Orchard we have their publication of Allan Cunningham’s Letters. Find out more about the book …

AllanCunningham Letters by Orchard