Mr Cunningham is near Archibald Bell’s farm

26th November 1823

On this day, 26th November 1823, Allan Cunningham was in the vicinity of “a more practicable pass discovered through the Blue Mountains by Archibald Bell in September” ((Source: Curry, Suzanne, and B. R. Maslin. Allan Cunningham: Australian Collecting Localities. )) 1823.

Allan Cunningham wrote in his journal:

November 26th. About 7am., I commenced my journey from Mr Bell’s [Archibald Bell] farm, having passed an irregular tract of rising forest-land by a well-beaten road to a watermill, distant about four and a half miles north-westerly from Hawkesbury river, the marked trees of the surveyor (who had been sent to examine and report upon the line of route) led us over a ridge of wooded hills to a rocky gully, which having crossed, we immediately gained a main range, bounded on either side of deep ravines. ((Source: Robert Heward’s Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham))