Mr Cunningham departs Port Jackson for Van Diemen’s Land

25th December 1818

On this day, 25th December 1818 Christmas Day: Allan Cunningham departs Port Jackson aboard HMS Mermaid accompanying Phillip Parker King on his survey of the coast south of Port Jackson and Van Diemen’s Land.

Robert Heward wrote:

Captain King, having determined to survey Macquarie Harbour, on the west coast of Van Diemen’s Land, gave Mr Cunningham an opportunity of visiting that portion of Australia. They arrived at Hobart Town on the 2d of January, 1819, and while there, Mr Cunningham ascended Mount Table, since known as Mount Wellington, from whose sides and summit he made a rich increase to his collections. On the 10th they sailed for Macquarie Harbour, where they remained until the 25th, during which period Mr Cunningham made daily excursions in the immediate vicinity of the harbour, and procured a rich collection of its botanical stores. They returned to Sydney Cove on the 14th of February. ((Source: Robert Heward’s Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham Page 247))