HMS Bathurst is anchored off Bathurst Island

13th January 1822

On this day, 13th January 1822, HMS Bathurst, with Allan Cunningham on board, was anchored off Bathurst Island.

They sailed from King George’s Sound on the 8th January, 1822, and recommenced their survey at Bathurst Island, where they arrived on 13th. Mr Cunningham remarks, that “It is surprising that an island at so short a distance from the south-west coast should bear so small a feature of the characteristic vegetation of King George’s Sound, as not to furnish a single plant of several general of Proteaceae or Acaciae, and but a solitary plant of Leguminosae, Templetonia retusa.” ((Source: Robert Heward’s Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham))

Templetonia retusa
Artist: Rosa Fiveash (1854-1938)
Source: Australian National Botanic Gardens