Mr Cunningham returned to Parramatta from the Monaro Country

1st May 1824

On 1st May 1824, Mr Cunningham and his servants returned to Parramatta from the Monaro Country. ((Find out more about The Monaro Country at Wikipedia))

Robert Heward wrote:

Allan Cunningham and his people returned to Parramatta after a tour to the southward of the colony, through the counties of Camden and Argyle; he also visited Lakes George and Bathurst, the head waters of the Morrumbidgee, Brisbane Downs (the Monaroo of the aborigines), Marley’s Plains and the Shoalhaven gullies.

The distance travelled over in this journey was about four hundred and twenty miles. They returned the first week in May to Parramatta. ((Source: Robert Heward’s Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham, Part 3 Page 292.))