Memoirs of George Suttor FLS

Banksian Collector (1774 – 1859)

Edited with Notes and Commentary by George Mackaness Australian Historical Mongraphs Volume XIII (New Series)


George Suttor and his family arrived in Sydney for the first time in November 6, 1800. He travelled with a precious collection of plants supplied by Sir Joseph Banks for the New South Wales colony.

It was in George Suttor’s home in Elizabeth Street Sydney where Allan Cunningham was nursed during his fatal illness in 1839.

George and his family left for Europe in March 1839, it was then that Allan was moved to a cottage in the Botanic Gardens, where he died.


Mr Mackaness wrote:

“In September, 1906, the late Sir Francis Suttor, son of William Henry Suttor, who was the third son of George Suttor, as a tribute to his grandfather’s memory, edited from the original manuscript the Memoirs, which are flow printed for the first time.

“Some half dozen copies, together with a selection of Suttor letters, nearly all of which are to be found in the Historical Records of New South Wales, were prepared in typewritten form for the immediate members of the family. It is from one of these that the present text has been taken.

“It is by the courtesy and with the permission of Mrs. M. B. Halligan, in whose possession is the original manuscript, Miss Kathleen Suttor, Miss Mary Suttor and Miss Ruby Suttor, all great-granddaughters of George Suttor, that I am enabled to print in this series of Australian Historical Monographs, the Memoirs of George Suttor, F.L.S.

“I desire to thank all these ladies for their generous help and co-operation in making the material available for publication.

—George Mackaness. “


The George Suttor monograph was originally published privately by Dr. George Mackaness in a limited edition of 125 copies.

This is VOLUME XIII in the new series of AUSTRALIAN HISTORICAL MONOGRAPHS It was Volume XVII in the original series.

Dr. George Mackaness, O.B.E., M.A.. Litt.D. (Meib.), D.Litt. (Syd.),
Hon. D.Sc. (Syd.), F.R.A.H.S., was born in Sydney in 1882, and was a
distinguished author and educationalist. He was in charge of the Depart ment of English at Sydney Teachers’ College from 1924 to 1946, was the N.S.W. Representative on the Corn monwealth Literary Fund from 1938, and was President of the Royal
Australian Historical Society (1948- 49).

He died in 1968.

Dr. Mackaness wrote over 70 books and journal articles, including such outstanding historical works as “The Life of Vice-Admiral William Bligh” (193 1), and “Admiral Arthur Phillip, R.N.: Founder and First Governor of New South Wales” (1937). He edited anthologies such as “Poets of Australia” (1946), “Australian Short Stories” (1928), and poetic works of Byron and Wordsworth.

Between 1935 and 1962, Dr. Mackaness edited and privately produced limited editions, the series of Australian Historical Monographs, of which this volume is part.

These monographs, totalling 46, cover an enormous range of Australian historical subjects and represent a considerable amount of original research on the part of Dr Mackaness since most of the material in them had not previously been published. Since the monographs were produced only in very limited editions (some as few as 30 copies), their circulation has been very restricted, though their reputation amongst historians and scholars stands very high.

Review Publications Pty. Ltd. hopes that the work of Dr. Mackaness will receive a much wider public recognition as a result of the reprinting of these important monographs.

This reprint edition was printed by Dubbo Printing Works, Dubbo, N.S.W., Australia, in 1977, for the publishers . .


Note from The Allan Cunningham Project’s Editor

Dr Mackaness’ Historical Monograph Series is long out of print. We have been unable to find a source where the book can be purchased. That said, the book can be borrowed from various Public Library collections.