Mr Cunningham returns to Parramatta

21st July 1823

On this day, 21st July 1823, Allan Cunningham returned to his home in Parramatta, from his successful journey to Pandoras Pass, to rest, organise his plants and write up his notes.

Allan Cunningham wrote about his most recent journey in his journal: Truly important as these researches of country will prove to the many British farmers who are periodically emigrating to our distant shores, the land through which I had recently penetrated has been generally so uniform in appearance – for where any deviation to barren brushy tracts existed, they presented little or no novelty to the botanical traveller – that only a small collection of dried plants have been made, the indigenous vegetation being identically of the same characters generally as that seen and collected last summer. I have, however, gathered a few papers of desirable seeds not previously found. ((Source: Robert Heward’s Biographical Sketch of Allan Cunningham))